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Ex-Sadler Doctors Information:

After more than five decades of medical service to a thriving community in the northern Houston area and despite numerous successful practices within the clinic, The Sadler Clinic officially closed on May 31, 2012 following layoffs that started weeks before. Many doctors with the defunct Sadler Clinic have continued their practices in Montgomery County.

On June 5, 2012 was established due to demands from patients of the former Sadler Clinic, and it is being hosted as a service to the Sadler Clinic patient community.

  • If you were a Sadler patient and are looking for information regarding your medical records, please click here.
  • If you are a patient who has been under the care of a Sadler Clinic doctor and hope to locate your doctor, or if you are an Ex-Sadler employee and need to locate your colleagues please click here.
  • If in the history of Sadler Clinic you have been a Sadler doctor and want to tell your patients where you are practicing medicine today or even what your future plans might be, please click here.
  • For other questions regarding your continued medical care or the Sadler network please click here.



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